Daily from 10am



Phone:  (07) 4671 1877



Monday - Tuesday

Lunch 11.30am - 2pm 

Dinner 5.30pm - 8.00pm

Wednesday - Friday

Lunch 11.30 - 2pm

Dinner 5.30 - 8.30pm

Saturday 10am - 2pm

Dinner 5.30 - 8.30pm

Sunday 8am - 2pm

Dinner 5.30 - 8pm

Cafe Menu available from 10am daily

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O'Shea's Royal Hotel Goondiwindi Terms & Conditions



1. Oshea’s Royal Hotel Goondiwindi Members Rewards is only available to financial members of Oshea’s Royal Hotel.


2. Oshea’s Royal Hotel Goondiwindi Members Rewards will be known as ‘ORHMR’ throughout the Terms and Conditions.


3. Management reserves the right to impose restrictions of the ORHMR offers at their discretion.


4. The prize rewards or discount benefit cannot be transferred or assigned to any other person other than the member.


5. Management will resolve any dispute which arises from a member’s connection with ORHMR at its own discretion.


6. Daily food and beverage redemption must be done in person by the member and the assigned Membership Card must be presented. Photo ID may be requested.


7. ORHMR points earned must be redeemed within twelve (12) months of the date they were accrued, or they will expire.


8. To accumulate ORHMR loyalty points, the member must: a. Have their membership card inserted and accepted in the gaming machine whilst playing.


b. Present their Membership Card when making purchases at the Point of Sale terminals throughout the Club.


9. It is the responsibility of the member to ensure their membership card is properly inserted in the gaming machine and is earning ORHMR points.


10. Management will not be liable for any unauthorised use of a member’s Membership Card and the subsequent accumulation or redemption of ORHMR points.


11. Redemption of ORHMR points, Birthday Vouchers, Member’s Draw and Cash balance must be done in person by the member and their assigned Membership Card must be presented. Photo ID may be requested.


12. Oshea’s Royal Hotel Goondiwindi is not responsible for any lost or stolen cards.


13. In the event a Membership card is lost or stolen, the member must report it immediately to Management.


14. Oshea’s Royal Hotel Goondiwindi reserves the right to correct any balance of ORHMR points resulting from malfunction, operator error, fraud and/or other causes.


15. In the event of a member’s death, ORHMR points accrued on their card remain the property of Oshea’s Royal Hotel Goondiwindi.


16. In the event of a member’s death or cancellation of their membership, any unused ORHMR points will be forfeited.


17. Participation in ORHMR in indicates acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.


18. Management reserves the right to amend the conditions of the loyalty program.


19. ORHMR program membership, promotions and benefits may be revised or altered at any time without prior notice by Oshea’s Royal Hotel Goondiwindi Management.


20. In the event ORHMR ceases to operate all benefits will be cancelled within 30 days of issuing notice to members.